U.S. Highpoint Guide

How to summit the U.S. state highpoints

What is Highpointing?

"Highpointing" is the act of climbing to the highest geographic point in a region.

Some adventurers highpoint on a global scale, such as climbing the loftiest peak on every continent.

Other folks highpoint on a local scale, like bagging the tallest point of each county in their state.

This guide is built for people interested in climbing to the highest point of U.S. states.

Using this Guide

Our mission is to help climbers achieve their goal of summitting U.S. highpoints. We share the best routes, gear, logistics, and recommendations to make each highpoint a successful adventure.

Each state is colored for its highpoint geography:


Select a state to access its highpoint guide.

Tile maps make each state the same size to reduce some bias associated with traditional maps, like the Alaska effect. Although Alaska contains the largest highpoint (by over 6,000 feet!), it needn't dwarf other states 😊