Campbell Hill


Campbell Hill

Campbell Hill is the highest point in the State of Ohio. Located not in the more mountainous areas in southeast Ohio, it instead is a highpoint among relatively flat farmland. It is certainly not the most exciting state highpoint to visit, but the town of Bellefontaine still celebrates their status as being at the top of the Buckeye State. There is a Hi Point Church across the road from the Hi Points Vocational School where you will find the hill.

Campbell Hill rises 300 feet from the surrounding area, but has such a large width, that the rise in elevation is not evident from any reasonable vantage point.

Campbell Hill is a little under 2 hours drive from Hoosier Hill, the highpoint of Indiana. Both of these high points are flat.

Ohio is generally a flat state. It stands in stark contrast to its Eastern neighbors, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, both of which are rather mountainous. I am not saying that all of Ohio is flat. There are some hills throughout the state. However, the highest hill is unfortunately in a developed town and not in a forest or an area with great hiking trails. Like Indiana, Ohio is part of the Great American Midwest; marked by farmland, rivers, and rolling plains.

See this site for more information on Ohio Geography.

Regardless of its height and location, Ohio's highest point remains a special place, visited by many highpointers and other interested parties, and the town is proud to hold that distinction.

Getting There

Campbell Hill is on state maps near Bellefontaine. From Columbus, take HWY 33 to Bellefontaine (about 40 miles away). Exit HWY 33 at the route 540 exit, take a right, and about a 1/2 mile down the road you will find a school on the right side of the road. You get to the parking area after you see the big career center sign, and then turn right into the school campus.

The high point is visible from the road. Find a parking spot at the school and and walk up the hill. The highest point is clearly marked, and there is at the sign at the top of the hill.

Recommended Route

Walk right up the hill.

Red Tape

Campbell Hill is open Monday through Friday 6:30am-10:00pm. It is also open on Saturdays all year round from 6:30am - 3:00pm. Call (937) 599-3010 in advance to make arrangements for access on Sundays (see link page). It is much easier to just go during a Saturday or Weekday during mid-day. It may be open on Sunday's during the school year.

There are two gates with entry to the property. If the main gate is closed, a small person-only gate is found to the left of the main (drivable) gate. It is open to the public more often than not, regardless if the main gate is closed/ locked. If arriving outside of the "normal" operating hours, climbers should call the school's number, listed above, to verify the person-only gate will still be open.

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