Driskill Mountain


Driskill Mountain

When most people think of Louisiana, mountains are the last thing to come to mind and with good reason. This state is one of 3 in the U.S. with its lowest point located below sea level, and its highest point is the 3rd lowest in the country; only Florida's Britton Hill and Delaware's Ebright Azimuth are lower than this 163m (535ft) bump known as Driskill Mountain. The area is very densely forested as is common in the Piney Woods of East Texas and Louisiana. As a result, there have been significant logging operations carried out in the immediate area around this highpoint and so trails can be difficult to follow. The strata of this part of Louisiana contains quite a bit of ferrous sandstone, which creates the reddish tint in the soil of the area. Temperatures rarely drop below freezing in the winter, however, this part of the South usually receives one significant snowstorm in late February or early March each year.

Getting There

From IH-20:

  • Take Exit 67 S for 1.7 miles to Arcadia
  • Go S on SR 147 for 7.4 miles
  • Turn SW (R) on SR 797 and continue for 3.7 miles
  • Turn W (R) onto SR 507 at T-intersection and continue for 1.0 miles to the Mt Zion Presbyterian Church parking lot

Recommended Route

The primary route on Driskill Mountain begins at the parking lot of the Mt. Zion Presbyterian Church, however, those desiring more vertical gain and more distance can park further south at the intersection where Jot Em Down Rd. comes in. There are two false summits near Driskill's true summit, so the landowners have taken significant steps to help prevent hikers from missing their goal. For additional information, please see the route pages on this site.

Red Tape

No permits are required to make the short hike to the top of Driskill Mountain, however, most of the route is on private property. Please be respectful of the owners' wishes and do not take any actions that might jeopardize access to this area.

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