Ebright Azimuth


Ebright Azimuth

"Ebright Azimuth" is the name and location officially given for the State Highpoint of Delaware. Although not much of a hill in the traditional sense, and probably not a destination for most peakbaggers, Ebright Azimuth deserves its rightful place on SummitPost by virtue of being one of the 50 State Highpoints. Without this highpoint page, this website would be incomplete in regards to pages dedicated to the State Highpoints list. This page has been created and updated to include pertinent information for this highpoint.

The seemingly unusual name is derived from its location along Ebright Road, located only approximately 500' horizontal distance from the Delaware-Pennsylvania border. Officially recognized as having an elevation of only 448', Ebright Azimuth is the second-lowest State Highpoint (only approximately 100' higher than Florida's State Highpoint, Britton Hill). The highpoint is a virtual drive-up and can be visited year-round.

Three USGS Benchmark disks are located in the general vicinity of Ebright Azimuth. However, technically only one of those USGS Benchmark disks, at a dirt location cutout from a sidewalk alongside Ebright Road, is recommended for visits. A second USGS Benchmark disk is located alongside a nearby private road, and a third USGS Benchmark disk is located in a nearby private mobile home park. In regards to the three USGS Benchmark disks, the Highpointers Club (an organization dedicated to State Highpoints) and the State of Delaware only want the public to visit the USGS Benchmark disk alongside Ebright Road because of concerns by private property owners near the other two USGS Benchmark disks.

Getting There

From Wilmington, Delaware:

  1. Drive north along I-95.
  2. Take Exit 8 for Highway 202 (Northbound).
  3. After 4.9 miles, turn right onto SR-92 East / Naamans Road.
  4. After 1.1 miles, turn left onto Ebright Road.
  5. After 0.6 miles, reach the street intersection with Ramblewood Drive. Find a legal place to park alongside one of those roads. Walk to the highpoint monument sign and USGS Benchmark disk located near the intersection of Ebright Road and Ramblewood Drive.

Recommended Route

None - you'll see the marker from the road.

Red Tape

If driving along I-95 during the approach, expect to pay tolls.

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